Find Foxbody parts and I will pay you 5%!

Find Foxbody parts and I will pay you 5%!*

With all my builds, I am always looking for Foxbody parts and can’t have my eyes looking on every Facebook Group / Marketplace, EBay / Craiglist / Kijiji / Mustang Forum out there! I know many of you are quite active online so I created this page for you guys to help me find what I’m looking for.


If you have some spare time and you find something on my list simply submit the parts or cars you think I might be interested in the form below. If I end up buying the part or car you refer to me then I will pay you 5% of the purchase price!

Check out below the updated list of Foxbody parts I am looking for. The list is frequently updated for parts and cars that I am interested in purchasing. *MAXIMUM of $100 for parts and $1000 for cars

Find the Following Foxbody Parts & Get Paid!

Image Item Image Category Image Description Image Desired Price (USD)
1993 Cobras Complete Cars Complete Cars & Rollers Considered $$$ All
1987-1993 GT's & LX Coupes Complete Cars Original 5.0 Cars Only - No Junk Based on Condition
DECH Mustangs Complete Cars Original DECH Mustangs (Canada) $$$ All
Cobra/GT-40 Intakes Drivetrain Parts Uppers & Lowers complete <$400
Vortech Systems Drivetrain Parts A-S-T Trims (Complete) <$1,500
SN95 Spindles Suspension 94-95 Any condition <$100
RaceCraft Drop Spindles Suspension Any <$300
1/4 Windows Exterior Parts Coupe & Hatch -must be MINT <$500
Black Interior parts Interior Parts Any MINT original 90-93 pieces Based on Condition
Recaro Seats Interior Parts LX style preferred any condition Based on Condition
Halo Headrests Interior Parts 79-86 Mesh/Netted or Not Based on Condition
Tweed Seats (coupe) Interior Parts 91-93 tweed seats any color <$500
ROH Wheels Wheels 17" Minimum - ZS, ZR6 - 4 or 5 bolt <$500
Borbet Type A Wheels Wheels 17" Minimum - 4 or 5 bolt fitments <$800
Stern Face II Wheels Wheels 17" Minimum - 5 bolt <$800
Last Updated March 21, 2020

Get Searching & Get Paid

I use PayPal for all payments!

Submission Form

Before submitting ask yourself the following:

  • Would I buy this part if I needed it?
  • Could I make money off off of this part if I wanted to?
  • Does the seller represent his product well?

If you’ve answered YES to all of the above questions then please proceed. Keep in mind that I will take into consideration shipping and logistics. I only want high quality parts so please do not submit junk!

    Currency USDCAD


    Known Infamous for 10 years

    Worked with The Infamous Project for over 10 years and more than happy to help a brother out and get me paid too since the guy is always trying to build cars all over the world lol. Seriously a good guy to deal with

    Texas, USA
    I’ve made over $1500 from TIP

    I’ve recommended many parts to TIP which has helped him find the parts he needs and give me a little extra money to work on my builds. Always pays up right away. Works out great because I’m always looking for Foxbody parts

    Ontario Canada
    Something is better than nothing

    I’m always looking for stuff on Kijiji so if I see something I just send it off to TIP and sometimes I don’t here a thing but then other times I am pleasantly surprised to hear back and that he’s sending me some money!

    Ontario, Canada

    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

    Just select the “other” option in the form and pass the info along! Just because it’s not in the list doesn’t mean I’m not interested in a deal!

    The person who submits first will get the 5%. I will be as fair as I can and use the timestamps on the submission time on the contact form.

    You can make as much as I’m willing to buy! Many of these parts I will buy for possible resale as well, so we can all make money!

    Currently I have the maximum set at $100 for parts and $250 cars.

    Unfortunately not, PayPal is used by just about everyone these days so if you don’t have an account consider getting one!

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