1993 hellion mustang

1993 Hellion Turbo “Lil Red Coupe

I’ve had no shortage of coupes in the past few months and the 1993 Hellion Turbo Foxbody was one of many. People always ask me “where do you find all these foxbodies?”, well it’s from networking, staying connected and most importantly, staying in touch. I was contact by Rudy in late 2019 about his 1993 Hellion Turbo Foxbody and it took until July of 2020 before I actually had the car in my possession. 

It all started when an individual named Rudy reached out to me on my Facebook Page telling me about this 1993 Hellion Turbo Foxbody he has and if I’d be interested in buying it. I was still in Dubai at the time but did go back and forth via messaging and via my friend Ntorious who spoke to him directly on the phone as he was on the same time zone. It was difficult to really get a sense of what the car was as Rudy didn’t have the best pictures to provide at the time. 


So we went back and forth and stayed in touch over the winter months as the whole time we were in talks the car was actually not running! At some stage he attempted to change out the spark plugs while changing the plug wires to a ceramic coated Accel wire as the previous boots kept melting off of the header due to heat and the small space from the Hellion Turbo components. However this was not the problem, the problem was the stripped threads in the number 1 cylinder where he could not get a new plug in. 

So fast forward to 2020 and my return back to Canada for good after being in the Middle East for almost a decade and I was planning a trip up to Northern Ontario to visit my parents which happen to live about 1 hour from Rudy’s. This was the perfect opportunity to finally go and see the car and meet Rudy! 

I picked up my dad along the way as he’s a big car guy as well and off we went to see the 1993 coupe! You can see all the videos of what happens from this moment going forward in my playlist below as I started documenting everything again on camera 🙂

Videos of the 1993 Hellion Turbo Foxbody Coupe!


The 1993 Hellion Turbo Foxbody coupe was a pretty cool car and I really enjoyed working on it and driving it around town while I had it. But like most of my cars, they do not last too long in my possession. I managed to later trade the car for a 1990 GT with a Vortech supercharger. Some people might think I am crazy but as cool as the Hellion Turbo Foxbody was, it wasn’t sustainable in my opinion as I am sure I would have kept pushing it and probably breaking something where in turn, I’d lose money. 

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