Ford 7.3 Godzilla V8 Motor Swap Package


Looking for something different than a typical modular motor swap? The Ford 7.3L Godzilla is the answer. This is a complete package including a NEW “delivery mile take out” motor, transmission, control pack, wiring, ECU. Save space and get more displacement with traditional pushrod power with the ability to produce over 1000HP! These packages give you everything you need in order to perform a custom swap into your vehicle of choice.



Looking for something different than a Ford modular motor swap? Want an affordable power making option that doesn’t start with “LS” – The NEW pushrod Ford 7.3L Godzilla is the answer. More cubic inches, less space and ready for serious power, 430 horses to be exact! That’s right, the Ford 7.3 Godzilla Motor takes up less space then its predecessor, 5.0 “Coyote”. These motor packages have delivery miles on them, meaning less than 25 miles in all cases. You may wonder why buy this package over a crate motor? The answer is easy, these packages come COMPLETE, with all the factory accessories including Alternator, AC Compressor, Power Steering Pump, Oil Cooler and the Complete Transmission. From Clutch Fan to Tail-stock you get it all in-between. Crate motors leave you buying all of the additional components separately. These complete Ford 7.3 Godzilla packages save you money to invest in other areas of your build. 

Godzilla 7.3L Specifications:

  • Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
  • Horsepower: 430hp @ 5500RPM
  • Torque: 475 ft/lbs @4050 RPM
  • Block material: Cast iron deep skirted 
  • Cylinder bore: 4.22 in (107.2 mm)
  • Head material: Aluminum
  • Crankshaft: Forged steel
  • Engine Dimensions: L 30.5″x W 24.88″ x H 30″
  • Engine Weight: 530lbs
  • 4 bolt Main caps with cross bolts
  • Firing Order 1-5-4-8-6-3-2-7
  • Fuel system: Port injection 


The Complete Ford 7.3 Godzilla Package: $9400

  • One (1) complete 7.3L V8 motor complete with delivery miles
  • All engine accessories including alternator, P/S pump, A/C compressor, Water Pump, SMOG pump
  • Engine & Transmission Harnesses with ECM  *ECM is locked to the factory Body Control Module (BCM) which is NOT included. 
  • 6R140 Transmission from E-450 Econoline Van – this transmission is large in size and will not fit in a Foxbody Mustang, Classic Car, Small Truck (Bronco) etc.  We recommend using a 10R80, 6R80 or Manual setup.

Add-ons (email for custom quote)

The Ford 7.3L Godzilla package will come with added options if desired for an additional fee.

  • Factory Y Pipe (Can be cut prior to the Y for duals) Allows you to run the factory located Upstream O2 Sensors and has factory hangers from the transmission. 3″ Stainless
  • Factory Radiator 31″x31″ – Allows you to hook up factory radiator coolant hoses, transmission lines and run the Shroud/Clutch Fan setup
  • CAM SWAPS! Custom ground cams from Texas Speed or Brian Wolf. Email for details
  • Essentials V2 Standalone Control Packs from M.A.R.S. Auto. This will give you everything you need to run this package on it’s own. This includes a custom tuned ECU, Custom terminated harness to operate standalone, MAF, and Gas pedal. You can purchase this option separately if desired all from TIP rather then purchasing from various crate suppliers. Please see the Essentials Package

Other Packages start from: $7,400 (motor only) 

TIP vs Crate Suppliers

You can buy a new Crate 7.3L Godzilla from various different suppliers. Keep in mind that you are receiving the “crate” engine only. No engine accessories, no oil cooler, no transmission etc

Are you thinking warranty? Read below to consider the pros and cons of warranty provided through a crate supplier.


There is no expressed warranty with these packages and they are sold AS-IS. Our partners and clients have successfully been doing swaps with these delivery mile motors with no issues. With that said, there is always a risk you must understand the risks associated with used parts. There are also no refunds due to the nature of the product and shipping involved.  If you are considering a crate motor for warranty think again. Chances are you will be changing the camshaft and other components to unlock the power opportunities from these motors. Once you change them, your warranty will be VOID. Check out the differences made here: 

Shipping the Ford 7.3 Godzilla’s

All motors can be picked up in Hutto, TX for $0. Otherwise freight shipment can be arranged. All Motors are palleted and secured for freight shipping and are shipped “dry”. No coolant, no oils. If you have any logistical questions please do not hesitate to contact us. All motors are shipped insured and any damages MUST be reported at the time of delivery and marked on the Bill of Lading for claim purposes. If you require a claim please contact us immediately with pictures of damage and copy of BoL.

If you are in Canada: Please contact Mike at: or visit

International Buyers

If you’re located in Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, or Europe, no problem! We are happy to get the motors and paperwork done to help you guys get your hands on these beasts of a motor! I have personally lived in Australia and the Middle East so very familiar with the associated logistics. 


  1. Where do all of these motors come from?
    • They are from E-Series fleet vehicles which have been converted to Electric “EV”
  2. How many miles are on the motors?
    • “Delivery Miles” = Miles to the dealer and from the dealer to the shop performing the conversions
  3. Can you install these for my build?
    • Yes The Infamous Project loves a custom build and can help you with the swap – see further down the page
  4. Are these motors EPA compliant?
    • Yes they come with all of the factory EPA/SMOG equipment which meets North American Standards
  5. What do I require to install one of these in my build?
    • Every build is different but you will need a supporting fuel system, air intake/MAF setup and gas pedal for the “Drive by Wire” you can opt to purchase the TIP Godzilla Essentials Package to get all of these component short of the Fuel System to make your install a breeze. 
  6. What kind of Power will I make & Should I get the Tune?
    • It all comes down to preference. These motors are rated at 430hp in their current state but with a CAM swap you can unlock some serious power upwards of 500HP. CAM swaps are pretty straight forward and can unlock serious power! Check out: 
  7. What are my transmission options?
    • If you opt to not take the E-450’s auto (6R140) as it is pretty large in size and you will need to use a third party Transmission controller. The better news is that you can bolt up just about any late-model trans Ford has to offer. Mustang guys typically use the 6R80 (US-Shift Transmission Controller and separate engine stand alone required), or even a T56 via a QuickTime bellhousing. The 6R140 will fit into most trucks and can be run with the factory electronics with the help of the Essentials Package we offer. Note the 6R140 is a bolt on flange style for easy transfer case installation.
    • Now Available – Essentials Package V3 to run the 10R80 transmission off of the factory ECU and MARS Auto Supplied Control Pack.
  8.  What are the most common SWAPS?
    • We are seeing a lot of swaps into old F-100’s, F-150 first, Bronco’s and even SVT Lightning SWAPS! Just about any old Ford including Lincolns and now saving the Foxbody Mustang from LS Swaps.
  9. What gauges can I run with this motor?
    • You can easily go with a Dakota Digital dash or if you like a more old-school/race look you can opt for Auto-meter or similar mechanical or electrical gauges to keep you eyes on the Godzilla’s vitals. 
  10. How MUCH? Does it cost to have the swap done?
    • On average you are looking at around 30k USD to have a swap completed including the labor to start. Remember, you will need to figure out your gauges, cooling, fuel etc. Plus the labor involved to install this thing! If you’re interested in The Infamous Project helping you out, please read below. 


The Infamous Project is now offering full turn/key labor included swap packages. If you are interested in sending us your vehicle for the swap check out the video below and feel free to contact us for more information. Everyone always asks “HOW MUCH” – On average you will be looking at a price tag starting around $30k USD depending on the supporting mods required and the ones you choose. 


Please feel free to ask any of your questions via our Contact Form


    Additional information

    Weight 900 lbs
    Dimensions 64 × 34 × 40 in
    Package Options

    Complete Motor, Trans, Wiring Package, Motor, Wiring Only, Motor Only, Complete Motor, Trans, Wiring Package Australia

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