Couldn’t resist and bought it back! 2000 SVT Lightning

So after 5 years of having sold my 2000 SVT Lightning, the current owner had tracked me down on Instagram asking me some questions regarding the suspension. Unfortunately in Dubai the inspection laws are quite strict and the C-Notch in the frame was causing him issues for him to renew his tags/plates. He didn’t want to deal with trying to pay someone off so after some conversation he asked if I would be interested in buying it back! After a little back and forth negotiating it was soon mine again!
I couldn’t really complain as I had already got my 23″ OZ wheels back on the 2003 Sonic Blue lightning I had bought. So for those wondering how this circle of parts and trucks happened I will simplify it:
My old 2000 hadn’t changed much, with 160,000+ miles on her now, the AC was still blowing ICE cold and other than a few touch ups in the paint, yellowing headlights and now, 22″ Foose wheels I had a bucket of parts from the 2003 to make the truck even better! As a result I ended up shipping both trucks back the USA and my close friend took the 2003 as a roller and has since put it back together!
Now my 2000 features the same suspension as before but with the following mods:
Plans now are to touch up the interior in a few spots and complete the Black by adding black seat covers which I will need to get modified of course to fit the Expy console. Here’s how’s she’s looking back in Florida!

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