1988 Mustang Coupe

1988 Black Notch Foxbody – Project “Tax Return”

I recently acquired another 1988 Black Notch Foxbody. I decided to name it Project “Tax Return”. With tax season and spring botch approaching fast, I figured it was an appropriate project name. The funny thing is, the car sold before I could even get this post up! I did one intro video a few weeks back and the car sold almost instantly. Be sure to check out the video below.

I made the original purchase deal for the car a few months back. It came from a really good Foxbody source/friend of mine. Not to be confused with the 1988 Coupe I picked up last year, but this one has many similarities. Both black notches were set up more for racing than for street use. They were also heavily modified in many respects. The major difference on Project “Tax Return” is that the paint on the car is really nice! Where project “Lil Coupe That Could” was in desperate need of a new paint job. 

Part of the deal for this 1988 Black Notch Foxbody was to take off the remaining modifications and provide them back to the Seller. This would leave me then with a really nice foundation for a build project. It didn’t take long for someone to snatch up the project once I released the first video!

If you have watched the videos you will see that the build scope for Project “Tax Return” is pretty straight forward. 

1988 Black Notch Foxbody Build Scope

  • Stock appearance with OG 16″ polished ponies
  • Stock hood/nose cone replacement (was cut for an intercooler)
  • 5.0 SBF with a top end kit providing around 300hp
  • Stock Interior
  • Slightly lowered stance
  • Flowmaster Exhaust

I am excited to save another Foxbody on this project. The buyer is buying the car for his wife who once had a Foxbody back in the day. With this surprise, I am sure she will have lots of summer fun in this 1988 Black Notch Foxbody. 

Are you looking for a custom Foxbody Mustang build? Be sure to reach out and let me know what you’re looking for https://www.theinfamousproject.com/contact

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