1988 Mustang DECH

1988 DECH Mustang Hatch – “No.005”


This page is dedicated to the 1988 DECH Mustang which is not your ordinary Ford Foxbody! This car is a symbol of one of the first iconic aftermarket Foxbody suppliers who were disrupting the market back in the late 1990’s. You can see the full story about DECH Motorsport by visiting their page. DECH wasn’t just about aesthetic modifications but serious suspension modifications that had their cars outperforming Porsches for a fraction of the cost! 

The story on this 1988 DECH Mustang is quite unique and if you have not been following my blog you can read the full story on how I got this car and the “Infamous” history it had. The main reason for this project is the fact that Derek Hanson (the founder of DECH Motorsport) was the first owner directly from Ford Motor Company and it shows on the the vehicle history report. If you’ve read the story on DECH then you would see why I was motivated to get this car and take it’s story that much further!

Here is an image of what it looked like a long time ago (rust and all): 

Can you believe that this car was actually painted and “restored” but I had to strip it down anyways? You will be shocked to see what this 1988 DECH Mustang looks like when you watch the tear down videos! Yes, that’s right this car got stripped! Here is a picture of the car once I had it driving and coming back from the DaSilva Racing car show in August 2019 -Later that night the project started!

The Infamous Project – 1988 DECH Mustang No. 055

So we go! This car was originally acquired in 2018 and in 2019 the work started! Here is the first video showing you just how ugly this car was underneath:
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