GODZILLA Swap – 1956 Ford F100 Ramp Truck!

So in 2022 I had the opportunity to do a Godzilla Swap like none other. Rapidly increasing in popularity the new 7.3L Ford gas Godzilla motor has found its way spreading across the internet. Many swap into older F-Series Trucks, Foxbody Mustangs and Broncos, but none into a Ramp Truck. This custom 1956 was built on top of an old Ambulance frame. It was built with parts from just about every Ford vehicle built. Trying to source upgraded parts was a headache however the Godzilla Swap itself proved to be quite simple. 

The Infamous Project has been supplying factory “take out” 7.3 Godzilla motors backed by a massive 6R140 transmission to customers across the globe. It was time for TIP to complete a swap so this 56 F100 was a perfect candidate. I tried to use as many of the factory take out parts as I could. Note that these take-outs are from E-450 Vans undergoing EV conversions. I managed to re-use the following supporting parts;

  • Factory Radiator/Shroud & Clutch Fan
  • Factory Air Piping and MAF unit
  • Factory Y-Pipe

Utilizing the above factory parts allowed me to be quite “Plug and Play” with the cooling and exhaust systems.  Many people worry about the unknowns and “other” part requirements they may need to get this swap done in their projects. Here is a break down of the parts/modifications that I needed to perform for this project. With some creativity, and persistence I believe I made the swap rather effortless. 

Godzilla Swap Additional Parts

  • Control Pack: Available with our packages are the M.A.R.S. Auto control packs which make the wiring a breeze. All connectors are plug and play and include all of the outputs required to wire up your fuel pump, MAF, OBDII, Electric Fans (optional), Paddle shift and more. 
  • Motor Mounts: Now available with our packages. A custom set of motor side mounts that are bolt-on with hardware and bushings. Coupled by the cradle side which can be welded according the height/placement requirements.
  • Clearance: No joke, the 6R140 is huge! Although it will clear newer style Ford Trucks, the older ones need a little help. We ended up doing a 3″ body lift for the necessary clearance. This in reality changed the stance of the truck for the better so we happy with the outcome. 
  • Fuel System: The Godzilla uses a return-less style system which I installed an Aeromotive Stealth fuel pump and a custom filter/regulator which also provides a return line. Note fuel needs to be regulated to ~60psi at the rail. I used nylon 3/8″ line which made routing a breeze and never need to worry about corrosion. 
  • Shifter Linkage: Amazingly enough, I managed to fab up a custom B&M shifter cable to the steering column which was also upgraded for this project. The old column was not in good shape and was swapped with one from IDITIT
  • Gauges: This is a tricky one depending on your project. Some think Dakota Digital and some will do custom sending unit style aftermarket gauges. Even with the Dakota gauges I have learned that you will need a proper sending signal for an accurate TACH reading. In addition to get an oil pressure reading in PSI you will need an external sending unit as well. This is because the factory oil sending unit is an on/off switch and does not actually read pressure values. 
  • Driveshaft: Since the 6R140 uses a single bolt flange it made for quite an easy solution to get the original driveshaft modified for a new set of U-Joints and fresh balance. Since this truck uses dual shafts with a hanger bearing, both shafts were gone through by a local driveline shop to ensure everything was balanced properly. 
  • Transmission Mount: Funny enough, I managed to re-use the existing cross-member and simply used an Energy Suspension Foxbody Mustang transmission mount!

Godzilla Swap Summary

Although there were some additional considerations for the swap, it was nothing I was not able to tackle in the driveway! This 56 Ramp truck being so big, I could not get it into my shop. This Godzilla Swap was completed outdoors. Some final tuning is still required as the unlocked ECMs come with a startup tune. Every Godzilla Swap is different and final tune is always recommended as a simple change in the intake piping, electric fan upgrade and/or exhaust can change many of the factory parameters. HP Tuner handhelds work fine with these setups and M.A.R.S. and Palm Beach dyno can be of assistance for further tuning. 

In closing, this Godzilla Swap into this old F100 Ramp Truck went smooth. Some creativity, persistence and patience were key to making everything work. One must also consider the other variables that come with an extensive project. Upgrades to your suspension, brakes, steering and other components should be considered or at least gone through. You wouldn’t want a brand new drivetrain coupled with a bunch of old suspension parts causing you to vibrate down the road! If you’re interested in a Godzilla Swap be sure to Contact Us.


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