Foxtail 3000

FOXTAIL 3000 – Kelowna to Detroit 2024

THE FOXTAIL 3000 – The Ultimate Foxbody Road Trip

As seen on myself and @KASL CUSTOMS’ recent YouTube LIVE (below) we discussed the possibility of the ultimate road trip this summer of 2024. We are planning to travel near 3000 miles in just under a week! That’s right folks, we are driving across country again! This time, we would like to invite other Gearhead/Foxbody enthusiasts to join us! 


  • July 4, 2024 to July 14th, 2024


  • Starting in Kelowna, BC – Yes you will need a Passport if you are an American Citizen
  • Ending in Dearborn, MI – Motorcity Foxfest Show


Don’t want to drive your car to the start point or back home? We have you covered and can help provide both enclosed or open transport depending on which you would prefer. Alternatively you can see about being a co-pilot with another driver or maybe even buy a car near the start point and drive it across the country!


Life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey – sound cliché but it is true! Myself and Gary never met in person when we decided to create the DECH 3000 driving from British Columbia all the way to Texas and then to Foxtoberfest 2022! The memories made will forever be had and no amount of money could replicate them!

The Route

Destination Day Date Miles Hours
Kelowna, BC Thursday 4-Jul
Lake Louise, AB Friday 5-Jul 265 5
Great Falls, MT Saturday 6-Jul 440 7
Devils Tower, WY Sunday 7-Jul 500 7.5
Rushmore-Sioux Falls, SD Monday 8-Jul 500 8
Madison, WI Tuesday 9-Jul 400 7
Detroit, MI Wednesday 10-Jul 450 7

foxtail 3000 map



We are open to options here and we understand that not everyone may have the same kind of travel budget to time allowance from work to be able to do this entire trip. With that said we invite EVERYONE/ANYONE who is interested to let us know when and where on the route they would like to meet or join in. Should you wish to “build your own” 

With this option depending where you start and where you stay (camping in your hatchback?) this option could very well cost you the price of fuel. $0-$1,000


Otherwise, we are looking for a group of ideally 10-15 cars that are willing to do the FULL Experience. This will include transport, accommodations at the Fairmont in Lake Louise and Fox-Block style Airbnb’s along the way. It will also include entry into state parks, vehicle decals, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats and more. This option will be custom tailored based on options but you can expect this option to cost $5,000-$6,000 

WHAAAAT? You may be in shock, or maybe you’re not but remember, accommodations, fuel etc should all be split into half provided you have a co-pilot or however many people want to share a bed!


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