Mustang Foxbody in the Middle East

Buying a 1979-1993 Mustang Foxbody in the Middle East -Solved

Want a Mustang Foxbody in the Middle East? I don’t just source and modify in North America but I help people Globally. After almost a decade of living in Dubai I have noticed that there is quite a liking for the Foxbody Mustang. Not so much in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates for that matter, but more so in Bahrain and Kuwait. There are some pretty amazing examples of Fox Coupes out here more than anything. I have been approached numerous times to ship and sell my personal builds here which I did sell my 2000 SVT Lightning at one point, and later bought it back.

Why The Infamous Project?

Over the years I have bought, sold, shipped, trucked and helped people source cars globally. Having many contacts in North America (USA & Canada) I am your perfect liaison to help you find, own and enjoy a Mustang Foxbody in the Middle East. I am constantly travelling between USA, Canada, MENA so it is easy for me to communicate with all parties. Moreover, I know just about everything about these cars from the inside out and can help you with sourcing, viewing and ensuring that you get the Foxbody of your dreams without having to deal with all of the logistics. I can also support Arabic speakers if required! -Not sure what it takes to buy a Foxbody these days? Check out this Article on Buying a Foxbody in 2020.

Services I can provide:

Not only can I help you find the Foxbody of your dreams, I can help customize it to the way you like it before it ships to save you time and money. Customization can be difficult in the Middle East due to shipping, availability and trust of experienced shops. The Infamous Project can assist you with anything and everything including:


This varies on a case by case basis. I am happy to discuss with you your budget, wish list and expectations FREE of charge and work with you to develop a contract that is fair to all. I know your time is money and I can save you both! Meaning, you’ll have more to spend on your Dream Foxbody.

Inquire Now:

If you are interested in owning a Mustang Foxbody in the Middle East then look no further. Fill out the following form and I will be happy to respond back and assist you with your search.

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