e36 Corner Lights -Infamous’d

Well it’s been my 2nd weekend since the end of the project and of course I still need to tinker with something. I took this opportunity to address my corner lights as the “diamond clears” were just too bling for my liking. There are lots of options out there when it comes to corner lights but I don’t really like any of them! The frosted look of the OEM Ambers, Clear style and Smoked just don’t do it for me as the difference in texture compared to the headlights just doesn’t flow.
Here is what I started out with today, with the help of a Dremel and a cut-off wheel I was able to separate the lenses from the housings. After that I masked off the areas I wanted to paint and scuffed down the areas that I wanted to paint. You can see in the pics I had the center pieces masked off but I ended up painting them in the end.I used Dupli-color trim paint which is a Satin Black finish which matches the headlamps.
After the paint dried I used a soldering iron to “Plastic Weld” the lenses back to the housings. They came out pretty good. I think they compliment the headlights rather well however I am not sure that I am sold on them yet. I am considering painting them silver to match the trim now and doing the housing portions of the headlamps too. We’ll see but this is what I have for now, I am very satisfied with the results. They are different but better than Amber, cleaner than the Clears and flow better than the Smoked.

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