First Weekend Complete!

Well I made it through the first weekend! Let me tell ya.. the stress of trying to get everything ready over the holidays was a challenge! Now it’s just a matter of scheduling myself in a routine fashion to get some serious work done and knock these 2 projects out! In case you guys have missed the shows you can click on the “previous shows” link so you can view the missed episodes. I am trying to find a suitable host to upload the files to as I have already maxed out my limit on USTREAM. I plan to rectify this issue as soon as possible!
So far we have found out how low the BMW will sit on it’s PSS9’s, still some fender work to do for proper clearance but that will be taken care of very soon. I have installed the UUC Brake Line kit, consisting of 6 brake lines all in braided steel with nice blue silicone sleeves. I have not bled the system out yet as I still plan to bypass the ABS unit and bleed the system out with DOT 5 racing fluid.
The car has been completely stripped down as body work has commenced getting the car ready for paint. There was some rust on the passenger side rocker panel which required removal of the passenger side AC Schnitzer side skirt. It was urethaned on, and required some serious force, patience and prying to get it off! After removing it some shaping and bending to try and get it straight again was needed.
Finally some body work and sanding has been started on the passenger side. Everything seems to be moving along quite well. Once the body work and paint are out of the way I will be moving on to installing the performance add ons such as the M3 S52 cams/trays/lifters, Super Sprint headers, Custom 3″ midpipe with race cat from Oakville Motorwerks, and a few other goodies here and there. Some door panel dyeing and white face gauge installation for the cluster are some of the other things to come!
For now here are a few pics of the progress over the weekend. Enjoy.

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