How did I get those custom blue headlights on my Mustang?

Silver and Blue have always been 2 of my favorite colors to contrast together. My first foxbody coupe was silver and I had used blue as an accent color, my SVT Lightning was silver and I had my 23″ OZ wheels with blue centers and well, you get the point! Believe it or not, the idea for the blue headlights started when I visited the amazing country of Sri Lanka. For some reason, I noticed quite a few cars driving around with blue tinted headlights. I honestly never got up close to any of them but just thought it was unique but looked cool.
When it came time to think up of which headlights I wanted to use for the 1993 coupe build I was tossed between the 1987-1993 OEM look or the newer “Diamond Clear” look. All I knew, is that under no circumstance would I go with the 1 piece headlights! It’s then when I remembered back to seeing these blue headlights so I started doing some research. The first though was of course using vinyl, so I started looking on eBay and online to see what I could find. I had used Laminex before with decent success on the 87 convertible with the French look on the foglights in yellow however I was concerned about not getting the exact “shade” of blue that I was after.
The key here is obviously to prep your lights prior to paint/clear. I simply masked off the areas that I didn’t want to get painted and scuffed the lenses down with a purple scotch pad. The scotch pads work great and if you don’t have any  400 grit sand paper will work just as well. You will think you are ruining your lenses but don’t worry, it’s almost like a cut and polish process. You’ll want to scuff the lenses down enough so you don’t see any shiny surface left and then clean off any dust/dirt/grease with some brake clean or similar to ensure the surface is clean and free of any dust.
Load up your paint gun with some clear and add your color of choice! I did 3 coats on my lights and depending on the look you’re going for you may need less or more! The results speak for themselves and this is how I got blue headlights for my foxbody Mustang.

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