Mark D Custom Chip Install

I had the pleasure of having a personal visit from Mark Dsylva (aka. Mark D) creator of DSylva-Tech yesterday. This guy is a bit of a legend on a few BMW forums I frequent. He has been making custom chips for OBD-I BMW’s for a while now and was kind enough to provide me with a custom chip. Although I already had a Bavarian Auto chip, since the M3 cam install it was time for a tune that would utilize the cars modifications and bring out its full potential.
The installation process is very simple and even a person with next to little experience working on cars could do it. The following pictures below outline the steps that were taken in order to install the new chip. The metal tabs that must be bent backwards are very brittle and all of mine are now broken due to frequent entry into the DME. Do not worry too much as the 4 main screws hold it together just fine!
This chip should make a significant difference in the performance of the 1992 BMW and Mark is excited to hear the results when I drive it up to the show this week. I could tell right away when starting the car that the idle was even smoother. This particular chip is made to run on 91 octane gas (and higher of course), and also takes into account my modifications such as, exhaust, cams, cold air intake, pulleys, etc… He also has a red line set to 7500 rpm. He told me he normally does 7100 but knows how I like to push the limits sometimes so it should be interesting to see!
Mark, I would like to thank you again for making the trip to see me in person and even help install the chip! It was an honor. To anyone out there looking for some nice canned tunes (or maybe a custom one if you’re willing to pay for it) Mark is the guy to talk to, he really knows his stuff. Be sure to visit his website or you can contact him directly at:

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