New Project! 1993 Mustang LX Coupe

Amazing news! As some may know my very first foxbody coupe Mustang was a 1990 Silver on black interior DECH clone. This car was probably the pivotal point that committed me to Foxbody Coupes forever. I sold the car a few years after I had modified it some more and always missed the car.

Recently I had started looking to build another Coupe and I had a very specific set of requirements. I wanted a clean base with all matching VIN numbers and really did not want to have to do a color change with the paint. So the first requirement is that the car had to be Silver, I would have however settled for Black as it is the best color to work with in terms of color changing. I knew that I wanted to do the following mods:

  • Authentic DECH kit -I had already bought the kit before the car as I had got a hold of Mr. Derek Hanson (aka DECHMAN) and convinced him of my project so he was kind enough to take his original molds out of storage and make me an authentic kit
  • Black Interior is an absolute must on a Fox Body, so if the car I would chose didn’t have one, then I would have to convert it.
  • ROH Wheels – hands down probably one of the most favored wheels on Foxbodies during their time. From the ZR-6 to the ZS and Snypers. However, I have gone in a different direction. I will be doing a custom 3 piece ROH Modena set up in 18″. I will later reveal the specs of these wheels.
  • Air Ride – We all know I love slammed cars that ride low and are impractical. The problem here is that this car build is going to be so incredibly clean that I don’t want to worry about repainting bumpers or pulling fenders etc. Details on the kit and specs are also to be revealed later.
  • Built Motor – How can you have a Mustang without performance upgrades making some good power and producing a head turning sound so then they can see how sexy the car is? Specs on this you will see below.

I had posted on many forums and searched out eBay etc without luck for several months. The worst part was, I will was willing to pay good money however my search criteria was very specific! How would one find a mint Silver coupe with a black interior? Well, one day I received an email to my info@theinfamousproject email. This was it! Now code named the “Unicorn” this car couldn’t get any closer to what I needed to start my build! Here’s a sneak peek!

1993 Mustang LX Coupe

Just a few Specs!

  • 1993 Mustang LX Coupe -no options car
  • Black Interior
  • 25,000 ORIGINAL KM’s! (12,000 miles)
  • Original Owner with window stickers, original receipts, all keys
  • All VINs matching, no snow, no rain, garage stored

Already Installed Performance parts include.

  • BBK Lowering Springs
  • Kenny Brown G-Load Brace / Strut Tower Brace / Subframe Connectors
  • Soutside LCA’s
  • 4 Wheel Disc brakes -Full brand new 5 bolt converson with Cobra calipers also included
  • Aluminum X307 Heads w/ 1.72 Roller Rockers
  • B303 Camshaft
  • GT 40 Tubular Intakes
  • Pro M Mass Air w/ 24lb Injectors
  • 75mm Acufab Throttle Body
  • BBK Ceramic Shorty Headers
  • Dr. Gas X Pipe w/ 2.5″ Dynomax Catback (this will change)
  • Auburn Differential with FMS 3:55 gears
  • Underdrive Pulleys
  • Pro-5.0 Shifter
  • Electric Fan
  • Accell 300 Ignition & Coil

I couldn’t think of a better base to start with than this! I am sure you will most likely see some BOOST at some stage during this build as well. A few other things may change but the money for the most part has been spent in all the right places and the Original Owner was a straight up guy. I bought this car and never even saw it until 7 months later as I am currently in Dubai and the car was secretly hiding in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. He was even kind enough to store the car for me over the winter.

Now for the good stuff, some pictures! Enjoy and be sure to follow more on this Unicorn build!


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