S52 (///M3) Cams Installed!

Well here I thought this was going to be some seriously difficult task.. The S52 Cam swap into my M50 engine.. So a few tools and a few parts combined with a few hours of work = instant HP upgrade. My friend was kind enough to pick up the cams for me from 8 Legs Racing in Carleton Place (just outside of Ottawa). Scoth was even nice enough to loan us a few specialty tools such as the cam holder for the install!
So removal of the old cams were easy… Was not much more work than changing the valve cover gasket itself! (which was salvageable!) We located the so called “sweet spot” where we could loosen off all the bearing caps and except for the #1 lobes where we did the 1/4 turn method to slowly release the pressure off the lifter/valves. Install was a breeze and everything buttoned up perfectly.. Following the directions from Pelican, we managed to fire the car up with great success!
I can’t wait to see the increase in power these will add along with the supporting mods I have! It is a pretty simple procedure to do and make sure you follow the steps by Pelican or the BMW Bentley manual and you shouldn’t have any issues.. Making sure you work with TDC (top dead center) and time your gears properly with a tool and set your vanos as required.. Here’s a few pics from the removal/install.

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