ACS in Primer…

Well I finally managed to shoot primer tonight! After prolonged hours spent on the side skirt you can see that it came out pretty good. I will be touching up a few little spots but other than that I think it turned out really well! So the body work is done and the primer is on. Tomorrow I will be spending the night sanding the car down getting it ready for paint so be sure to tune in for the cars transformation as it gets sprayed the brightest and purest white there is!
I know it has been a long process getting the car ready but.. its worth it! Not too bad as we are only 1.5 weeks into the project and already the car is almost ready for paint, Stainless brake lines from UUC are installed (I did find the clutch line today! So that needs to be installed), the PSS9’s have been adjusted and spaces fit, fenders are rolled and stretched, etc.. Not to worry the performance mods will soon be getting bolted on! Stay Tuned…

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