Not enough hours…

Well I keep finding more and more little things that I am trying to make perfect. Some great progress but I do need to be putting in some more hours here and there! I hope to be painting this thing on Wednesday but we’ll see how the progress goes over the next few days as I need to get better lighting set up first. On a good note Sean from Oakville Motorwerks has sent the pics of the custom Mid-Pipe he has built for the ACS car. Check out the pics! Definitely a beautiful piece and I can’t wait to bolt it on!
I have managed to stretch and roll the front fenders, fitted the spacers and we should be good for some serious slammage! All the main body work is now complete.. Just finishing up the passenger side skirt! Man what a job that has been… but it’s coming out pretty good so far! I will have more progress pics up tomorrow and be sure to tune in!

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