DECH Grabber Installation on Foxbody Mustang

This was actually done quite some time ago however I had all of the pictures on an old computer which I recently found! Why not show them off to those that may have never seen them or maybe just never knew how they worked! Some more information on DECH products is available on Dech Motorsport website.
The idea behind the Grabber is to;
This is achieved by changing the position of the lower control arms and in addition, lowering the car by 3/4″ of an inch if springs are not changed with them. They are quite a simple install which does not require the removal of your differential however I had mine out at the time which did make installation a breeze.
The Grabbers simply slide over the existing mounting plates for the lower control arms (LCA) and are fastened by 2 bolts. where the lower bolt is the one which passes through your LCA. You will need to drill the 2 holes required through the factory plates which will hold and secure the grabber to the differential. Note that your original shock location will remain in the same position however your lower control arms will now be positioned about 3/4″ of an inch lower. In the following pictures you can see the complete installation shots.

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