Trying to help Vanilla Ice revive “Rolling in my 5.0”

So this is doubling as a short story and also call out. The other day I had the honor of meeting the one and only Vanilla Ice! It was at a local event here in Dubai that had speakers from around the world talking about key business principals surrounding success and coaching. Ice was the main feature at the end of full day event and was definitely worth the wait. It was so interesting to hear more about Ice’s story and how he want from Ice Ice Baby to The Vanilla Ice Project (VIP). When the show was first introduced on Discover Channel (8 seasons ago now), I did have a laugh as TIP and VIP were similar in names and in restorations where the difference was simply between homes and cars.
I gotta say, although Ice was not the original reason for my love of the FoxBody he was someone as always admired as a successful rapper who made a fortune and then continued the entrepreneurial lifestyle dabbling in many things from acting, motocross and now real-estate. Although I didn’t start my career out as a rapper I do believe I found my passion at an earlier age knowing that cars and motorsports is truly what drives me. Now, although a traditional career led individual I cannot complain as I have done quite well for myself while continuing to chase my dreams. Ice hit the nail on the head when he said “Living the dream is chasing it”. As I have been focusing on chasing more of my dreams recently I am kicking myself a little for not doing so sooner. TIP ran back in 2009 where live streaming and social media were barely combined and now look, Instagram has it’s own TV channels. But we’re never too late, I’ve learned a lot that I can apply to my dreams and still young enough to make them happen. 
Props to you Rob for being so humble and sharing your experience and knowledge and you definitely defined success properly, “Success is Happiness”. For those that have never met him or maybe are a hater (where he won’t cater) I gotta say what a genuine person he is. I swear he would have talked to each and every fan individually if he could. I only got a handshake and a quick 20 seconds to slip him one of my business cards and his eyes lit up when I told him I restore and modify Foxbody Mustangs. You only get one first impression right? 
So here is the callout! Rob, hoping I can help you on the restoration I know you said you’ve been restoring a Foxbody for the past 2 years but I think TIP should do something with VIP and what a better way to engage and tribute not only one of the best selling Rap songs of all time, but your legacy and recent growth in love for the foxbody by fellow automotive enthusiasts. 

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