How to fix mustang door panels - saggy map pockets

How to fix Mustang Door Panels! -Foxbody

So this is my first “Foxbody Hack” video to help you with your Foxbody Mustang and more importantly, how to fix those Mustang door panels with saggy map pockets. Many of us have all ran into it and the fix is honestly so simple. The worst part is, the rest of your precious black interior (or other colors) could me in mint condition except for those sagging map bags! So how do you fix your map pockets in your Mustang? The answer is so simple you will have wished you did it years ago! A good friend taught me this and I have been doing it for over 15 years now and it works every time. You will laugh when you have fixed them in just 2 minutes!
Take a look at this video and instead of removing the map bags and potentially running the look of your door panels you can fix them in literally 2 minutes. No more map pockets sagging ruining the look of your interior.
All you need is a pair of scissors or a knife and your own two hands! So fix those sagging map bags on your Foxbody and make them look like new again. This how to fix your Mustang door panels DIY is so easy and rated a level 1 out of 10.
Just in case you guys happen to hate the map pockets you can always buy the deletes from Late Model Restoration LMR –
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