Does Vanilla Ice Still Have his Mustang?

Does Vanilla Ice still have his Mustang?

So does Vanilla Ice still have his Mustang is a question I have always asked myself! This is now the second time I’ve gotten to meet Rob aka Vanilla Ice, this time at the SEMA 2019 show in Las Vegas. I was walking down the hallway when there he was talking with a few people. I managed to catch him before going down the escalator to the South Hall and get some information on whether or not he still has his Mustang. To my surprise he still has it and claims that he is restoring it with a Ford Aluminator engine which he wants to TWIN Turbo. Catch this short 1 minutes interview I had with him below:
My first encounter with Rob was about a year back in 2018 where I saw him at an entrepreneurial workshop and I actually had the opportunity to interview him there but they wanted $1000 for 5 minutes of his time. I didn’t want to fork out the money and once the event was over I regretted my decision, I’m not going to lie. I always wondered what the benefits could have been if I had that footage and could have released it to the powers of social media. You can see my write up of this event here:
So here was my second chance, a chance where I was truly in my element, not at some event dressed up in a 3 piece suit, but instead in my favorable t-shirt and ball-cap surrounded by cars everywhere loving life at the SEMA Show 2019. What not a better place to randomly catch one of the most inspirational individuals for a convertible foxbody abd to find out he still owns it. So for those of you wondering; does Vanilla Ice still have his Mustang? The answer is YES.
Unfortunately I did not get much time other than what you see in the video to ask him how I can help restore his Foxbody so that is my next mission to close out 2019. I’m ready to kick off 2020 with some amazing new project and maybe TIP and VIP can collaborate on this one…

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