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You’re reading right! The Infamous Project is now officially your only source for DECH Motorsport parts for your Foxbody Mustang. After years of building Foxbody Mustangs and endless amounts of DECH kits being used, TIP is now offering their products through this site and can be found in the STORE in the main menu. For those of you that are not familiar with DECH Motorsports, they are a Canadian based company that started out around the same time as Saleen, unfortunately they did not have the same success story but for those who know Derek and Peter Hanson (the founders) understand the amount of research, engineering and thought that went into their products over the years. You can read more about their HISTORY and also about their PRODUCTS that were once offered back in the 1990’s. 
It’s been a few years now since I started the TIP-DECH Coupe build and it was a tribute to the DECH Motorsports brand and also a throwback to my very first foxbody coupe which was silver with a DECH kit. I have been fortunate enough to work with Derek Hanson the founder of DECH Motorsport and his son Peter on the build. You can see how I managed to get the car, the products and their endorsement as the “last DECH built“.
DECH Motorsport focused on suspension and aerodynamics and were very much about function over form. Everything from, aero kits, springs, brakes, wings/spoilers, to custom made Koni suspension specifc for their cars. DECH was an option as either a dealer purchase brand new or as an “aftermarket” option through heir shop just outside of the Greater Toronto Area.
I ask that for anyone who loves DECH Mustangs to not contribute to the purchasing of fake DECH kits from kijiji or craigslist. I am honored and proud to offer you access to a few of their Products such as;

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